Hi 👋 I'm Ryan DeJonghe

I'm a full-stack software engineer experienced in JavaScript, TypeScript, Express, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Ruby and more. I've also worked as a Technology Specialist for Colorado State University Pueblo and taught Spanish at San Diego State University.

Recently, I co-created Seamless an open-source, low-config CI/CD pipeline for containerized microservices.

Seamless Case Study

Seamless is a CI/CD framework that streamlines the development of applications. It automates the sourcing, testing, building, and deployment of code, enabling developers to deliver software quickly and reliably.

Select Projects

A sample of some of the projects I've worked on that highlight my range of skills:

Jaguar Bin

A tool written in TypeScript that allows for inspecting and debugging HTTP webhooks. Create a bin to get started. Built with Express, React, Tailwind, MongoDB, Postgres and Nginx. Deployed to a Digital Ocean Droplet.

CSU Pueblo

I know the inner workings of the application to the university inside and out. I've tested and made changes to production code. I've managed security profiles and payments as an administrator in the CRM/database.

Healthcare Interpreting

Planned and completed valid and reliable data collection as a research assistant on a European Union funded project on interpreting in healthcare. Collaborated on the analysis of data and drafting of the study.

Rijks CRM

This app pulls data from the API for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Allows for the hypothetical management of artwork for an auction. Built with Ruby, Sinatra, Erubis, Puma and HTTParty.


Organize and embed your favorite Motown YouTube videos for ad-free play with Jukebox. Includes a random shuffle feature. Built with Ruby, Sinatra, Puma, Erubis, PG and Bcrypt.

Roar! Store

Displays and organizes products available for purchase. Add products to a shopping cart feature and checkout when ready. Built with React and testing is mocked with Jest.

Let's Talk!

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